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July 16 2013


Tips for buying Best quality hot runner mould injection system

Now a days the usage of the plastic is more for the commercial purpose. Then for the bulk production we provide the hot runner system which is capable of producing the mass production with the best quality. Now a days the hot runner system is the best molding machine which produces the uniform quality. The thickness of the material will also be perfect. Most complicated applications can be manufactured in this hot runner and it’s capable of producing complex shape and it will avoid the flow lines , knit lines. In the recent days for the hot runner systems there is more demand and it’s more beneficial for the commercial purpose. We are providing the best quality hot runner system which is capable for the small scale business, because it will produce the output with high efficiency. Then we have well trained experts to assemble the systems. 

The most of the small industries can also implement these hot runners system in their company this in turn decreases the production cost. And it will increase the efficiency. Then anole hot runner mould injection machine is been developed and specialized in Portugal and it is manufactured in china. Our ANOLE Company signed with the German hot runner heaters company to buy the heating element in china. We are using high quality imported heaters in the molding machine to ensure the quality for our customers. ANOLE hot runner system widely used for many applications such as aerospace, packaging moulds, medical care and personal care. According to the customer’s basic requirement, they provide both special and normal hot runner molding system. The service will be done effectively and we will satisfy the customer requirements.

For More Information Please Visit Our Site: - http://www.anole-hot-runner.com/hot-runner-system.html

June 22 2013


The Advantages Of A Hot Runner System That Makes You Use It

A hot runner system is basically an assembly of hot components that are used in injection molds made of plastic. They are used to inject plastic into a cavity of the mold. The cavities are a part of a mold that is in the shape of the parts that have been produced. There are numerous advantages of using this kind of a system and this is the reason of its immense popularity. The first and foremost benefit is that it has eliminated the use of a cold runner system.

The increasing process of the materials, cold system has become unaffordable for people. It is not even feasible to be used in food and medical application. The reason being, it cannot be regrind and its storage is quite noisy and dusty. Use of the new application has made it easy to overcome this issue. The second reason is that, it facilitates a reduction in the time of processing. The size of the shot is smaller which reduces the cycle time. The third advantage is to improve the efficiency of the molding system.

It is used to start the new system because there is not any solidified component. There is no need to remove the mold shot and cycling can also initiate cycling automatically.  As soon as the system has attained an optimum temperature, the components of the mold begins to run. The system also gives the facility of using a low injection pressure.  It is beneficial in reducing a platen and mold deflection. 

For More information Please Visit Our Site :- http://www.anole-hot-runner.com/hot-runner-system.html

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