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May 28 2013


Anole Company Makes Use of Best Mould Temperature Controller in the Hot Runner System

Anole is the best manufacturer of hot runner system which is located in China. The temperature controller system of hot runner, make use of a good intelligent meter and the mould temperature controllerprécised temperature points, automotive recovery, stability, reliability, precision tolerance of more than or less than 1 degree Celsius and extent applicable. The control system also has ‘PLC multi tips’ temperature model that can realize more than one hundred and twenty tips for the entire mould which needs the heating areas. This type of control system can control the opening and closing of the valve gate at different times. It also realizes the filling speed of the plastic in the molding area. Using this injection molding technology, Anole is able to avoid the molding joining lines and melting lines.

The hot runner Mould Temperature Controller of Anole has four innovative patents which are protected in several countries. Anole not only concentrates on innovating but also on the energy saving of hot runner system. So the end users are provided with energy saving facilities. The major control units of temperature control system of the hot runner are smart meter as well as a computer chip. The company uses multiple digital filters in order to provide PID which is Proportional Integral Derivative Algorithm. So the mould temperature controller of hot runner plays the vital role in the temperature controller system. The Anole Company with the firm R&D team ensures the high standard hot runner system to their customers. They are also providing useful suggestions to their customers in various aspects about the usage of hot runner system. All the services are provided by them at reasonable rates so they have the customers throughout the world.

If you want to know more about Hot Runner Company, you can refer through the website http://www.anole-hot-runner.com/

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