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June 22 2013


The Advantages Of A Hot Runner System That Makes You Use It

A hot runner system is basically an assembly of hot components that are used in injection molds made of plastic. They are used to inject plastic into a cavity of the mold. The cavities are a part of a mold that is in the shape of the parts that have been produced. There are numerous advantages of using this kind of a system and this is the reason of its immense popularity. The first and foremost benefit is that it has eliminated the use of a cold runner system.

The increasing process of the materials, cold system has become unaffordable for people. It is not even feasible to be used in food and medical application. The reason being, it cannot be regrind and its storage is quite noisy and dusty. Use of the new application has made it easy to overcome this issue. The second reason is that, it facilitates a reduction in the time of processing. The size of the shot is smaller which reduces the cycle time. The third advantage is to improve the efficiency of the molding system.

It is used to start the new system because there is not any solidified component. There is no need to remove the mold shot and cycling can also initiate cycling automatically.  As soon as the system has attained an optimum temperature, the components of the mold begins to run. The system also gives the facility of using a low injection pressure.  It is beneficial in reducing a platen and mold deflection. 

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May 25 2013


Hot Runner Heaters Work with the Less Power for Manufacturing

Hot Runner Heaters Work with the Less Power for Manufacturing

The plastic has a great welcome in the markets and it can be available for the cheap route with the different style.  The Hot runner heaters help to transfer the heat but it won’t allow the liquid while   transferring the heat. It is most essential thing for the plastic industries and it is   very high cost. This heater works with the help of the less power and it can produce the large amount of the plastic product with various sizes and shape. There is no waiting time for producing the product and this machine take less time to make the large amount of the product. The Hot runner heaters are  much  harder  to install , so you have  used the  manual to install  in the easy way.

If you don’t know  how to install , you can  go with the experience person to install, because they  will  know how to install the  machine in the  easy and  correct way.  The Hot Runner Heaters work with the less power so you can save the money. When you  heat the  plastic or nylon to bring the  wish position for the  bottle which will be more comfortable for the designers. If you are operating  the machine in the  well manner, you can bring the different style  of the  bottle. After making the bottle, they allow the bottle to cool to bring the shape. Some of the company gives guarantees for the   manufacturing the product, so most of the   people prefer the best company in the making the bottle.  

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